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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I start?
I offer a free introductory session where we can meet, ask questions and get a sense of whether what I offer matches with your needs. You may wish to reflect on our meeting and meet with other therapists to get a sense of where you feel best placed, before making a decision.

How often should I come and for how long?
Psychotherapy sessions are held weekly on the same day and at the same time. It is usual to review how therapy is working after 6 weeks and from here to continue on a weekly basis whilst it is helpful to do so. Reviews are a helpful way to check progress and re-focus where necessary. It is very much your choice as to how long you stay in therapy and this very much depends on the nature of the issues you wish to explore.

When can I come?
I offer daytime and evening appointments in: Exmouth on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays
Exeter on Tuesdays

How much will it cost?
My fees are:
Individual sessions.
Exeter £50 per one hour
Exmouth £45 per one hour

Couples session.
Exeter £65 per one hour
Exmouth £60 per one hour

What does accreditation with the UKCP mean?
The United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy holds the national register of psychotherapists and psychotherapeutic counsellors, listing those practitioner members who meet exacting standards and training requirements.

What is the difference between Counselling and Psychotherapy?
Counselling and psychotherapy are similar in many ways. One difference is that counselling is often seen as a means to manage crises in life using skills you already have, whereas psychotherapy seeks to resolve more deeply embedded patterns of experiencing and relating to our world.There are also differences in the level and depth of training and in terms of requirements for therapists to have engaged with their own personal therapy. This is important as the degree to which a therapist has worked through their own issues and patterning, will affect their ability to hold awareness of these and avoid confusing them with those of the client. Regular supervision is also important in this regard.

If you would like to find out more, please call or e-mail and arrange a free introductory session.

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