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Appointments in Exeter (close to Central Station) and Topsham at the Estuary Clinic in the town centre. I also offer telephone and internet sessions.

With Andy Gibb MA, UKCP Accredited Psychotherapist

Providing a safe, warm, confidential atmosphere in which to bring yourself, your thoughts, feelings and sensations.

Throughout our lives we may experience periods of happiness and also of difficulty. The difficulties may be connected to an event, such as a bereavement, break up of a relationship or trauma. The difficulty may also be a more pervasive feeling of anxiety, depression, frustration, fear, confusion, lack of meaning or stress.

By meeting you where you are in the moment and working at your pace we can bring awareness to the ways in which you relate to your experience, and explore together the process of change and transformation.

It is your choice how long to stay with therapy, whether this is for the short-term to address a specific issue, or to explore deeper and more long-held patterns.

In life we often fall into habitual ways of seeing thinking and doing, losing touch with the full extent of our experience and potential as human beings. We often become identified with these habitual tendencies, seeing ourselves and the world from a limited and restricted viewpoint. By bringing awareness to the processes through which this happens, the patterns become more transparent, enabling the possibility that we can loosen the grip they have on our lives, awakening opportunities for greater creativity, learning and more conscious choice in our everyday lives. Exploring these deeper patterns takes time and does not offer quick fixes.

Your task is not to seek love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it. - Rumi



My Approach

As a core process psychotherapist, it is my intention to respect your individuality, support you in finding your own way of working and to meet your uniqueness without judgement. As your therapist it is my role to be a reflector and facilitator of awareness, a companion and guide. I utilise my training and years of experience of mindfulness as well as other modalities to find the right approach for you.

Confidentiality and professional standards are of the utmost importance and form an essential part of core process psychotherapy. All psychotherapy is conducted in accordance with the ethical standards of the UKCP.

I hold a Masters degree in Core Process Psychotherapy (Mindfulness based psychotherapy) and am an accredited Psychotherapist with the UKCP. I also have a Diploma in Transpersonal Couples Counselling and Psychotherapy, from the Centre for Counselling and Psychotherapy Education (CCPE), London. I am involved in personal and group work for my own self-awareness and inner work and attend regular 1-1 supervision, monthly peer supervision and CPD training. I am in my fourth year of teaching at the Karuna Institute, Devon and am currently teaching on year 3 of the MA in Mindfulness Based Core Process Psychotherapy. (link to Karuna blog,



Exeter 5.30 pm on Tuesdays

Topsham no availabilty 

Zoom - no availability

One of the most consistent findings in research on counselling and psychotherapy is that, the relationship between the therapist and client is of prime importance. I offer a free initial consultation, so that you can get a sense of whether or not I am the right therapist for you, before making a commitment.

Individual sessions are:
£60 per one hour

To contact for an appointment or to seek further information, please call on 07857623283 or e-mail from the link in the margin.

Psychotherapy sessions are held weekly on the same day and at the same time. It is usual to review how therapy is working after 6 weeks and from here to continue on a weekly basis whilst it is helpful to do so. Reviews are a helpful way to check progress and re-focus where necessary. It is very much your choice as to how long you stay in therapy and this very much depends on the nature of the issues you wish to explore.

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